Who We Are ?

Mathur Studio has been working delicately since 1960 in the area of Event Photography and Cinematography. Our studio is a well-known among clients because of creating beautiful portraits consistently to satisfy them.
We have ample experience in the wedding photography, candid photography and many more. We believe to serve the long lasting momentous experience to our clients with high quality images, video films etc. With our persistent efforts, build an encouragement between us and clients.


What we do

Photography is the only way to capture the enjoyable moment at the right time. To understand what you need from us, we spend time together to know better.

With stunning bridal & groom portraits, we thrive to create them into the beautiful heirlooms.We click those moments when bride / groom are having fun, getting emotional and enjoying every ceremony together with family and friends. It’s just we know that how to portrait your wedding with remarkable story-telling compositions.

Our photographers are always ready to capture your more special day into a memorable moment.The day you were born brought much happiness to your family. For this special day, we strive to deliver amazing photographs with full efforts.

A great photograph of a ceremony for a new building or an event gives you lifetime memory in the prettiest way.To frame your new beginning ever into decorative albums or video films ,our team use definite skills to give what you dreamed of.


Talent Audition

Expressions 60%
Dressing 80%
Behaviour 90%
Speech 75%